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I-1 Instant Camera

Analog instant photography reinvented for the digital age


Just the Camera

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Camera Film
1 Color Pack & 1 B/W Pack I-type Film

$335  $185

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I-type Film (2 Packs)
8 Exposures per pack


  • description

    No more searching ebay’s vintage Polaroid cam listings with your fingers crossed (it’s so hard to type that way). For the first time in 20 years, there is a brand new camera made for the original instant format!

    The all-new I-1 Instant Camera is bringing back the analogue prints of yore (with a little help from the tech advances of the last two decades).

    Get all the analogue fun of a point and shoot instant camera, with the added benefit of app integration!

    That’s right. You can use the I-1’s iOS app to take full manual control of the aperture and shutter speed, trigger the shutter remotely or get creative with double exposures, light painting mode and more.

    Plus, I-1’s ring light flash is perfect for portraits, splashing bright even light all around.

    Use any Impossible I-type or 600 type films, in B/W and color to snap photos and watch them develop in front of your eyes (no sh-shake-it required). Hang ‘em on your walls or mail them to Grandma.

    And leave ebay to the Spice Girl memorabilia hunters of the world … like us.

    • Snap photos in the original instant format
    • Develops instantly, right in front of your eyes
    • Shoot in auto or manual mode
    • The I-1 App controls aperture and shutter speed
    • Double exposure and light painting modes
    • Advanced LED ring light
    • Uses I-type and 600 type film, both available from the Impossible Project
  • Tech Spexx
    • 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 5 3/4"
    • 15.5 oz with film pack
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
    • Compatible with Impossible 600-type and I-type film in both color and black and white, including special editions
    • 500mAh high performance lithium ion battery (35°C rated discharge current)
    • Lens: 6 lenses total, with 5 possible configurations
    • Autofocus: 5 zone autofocus system, using reflective IR ranging. (Macro [0.3-0.5m], Close-up [0.5-1.0m], Near-field [1.0 - 2.2m], Mid-field (2.2 - 4.5m), Far-field (4.5 - 8m])
    • Focal length: 82–109 mm
    • Field of view: 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal
    • Flash system: 12 LED advanced ring flash, consisting of 8 focused LEDs for increased range + 4 diffuse LEDs for softer light at closer distances (portraits)
    • App: The I-1 App for iOS works on iPhone and iPod touch devices running Apple iOS 9 and iOS 8. It is not required to use the camera in point and shoot mode
    • Shutter system: Custom design, using precision step motors for shutter and focus control
    • Outer shells: Polycarbonate/ABS plastic with soft-touch rubberized coating
    • Viewfinder, viewfinder mounting plate and strap mounts: Zinc/aluminum alloy
    • Lenses: Optical grade polycarbonate and acrylic lenses, coated
  • FAQ

    What's Impossible Project Film? Where can I even buy this stuff?

    The Impossible Project is a great group of folks who bought the old Polaroid factory when Polaroid stopped making instant film in 2008. They've been perfecting their film for use in Polaroid cameras ever since. And now, they've designed a camera!

    I don't have an iPhone, can I still use this camera without the app?

    Yup! You sure can. The camera will still function as a point and shoot camera. The app is only necessary to access advanced features, like manual mode and remote shutter.

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