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Create Beautiful Effects with The Bokeh Kit

A filter that will turn your night shots into truly unique light-scapes.


The Bokeh Kit


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  • description

    You're a night owl of sorts. You might not be able to turn your head 360-degrees, but you have other talents, like night shooting! (Not hooting.)

    Sometimes you catch an out of focus lampost or candlelight: a happy accident in the shape of a diamond or octagon. It makes you wonder what magical possibilities lie underneath.

    The Bokeh Kit will show you!

    Bokeh ("blurred" in Japanese) is that beautiful out of focus blur that appears when your lens is set to a shallow depth of field. The Bokeh Kit actually turns those out of focus lights into any shape you place over your lens. It's a whole new way of harnessing night-time light.

    Just place the Bokeh filter over your digital or film SLR lens (see specs for compatibility), and you're ready to turn an ordinary night-scape into a wondrous land of sparkling hearts, planes, birds, or happy faces. It's easy to use - just slip any 1 of 21 shapes into the slot in the filter. Plus, you even get a blank sheet to make up to 8 of your own!

    We like to set up our own lights, but scoping out the perfect scene is just as fun. Christmas lights, candles, and LEDs especially work well.

    With 21+ bokeh shapes, we're nowhere near to ending our night shooting adventures, and that makes us happy owls indeed.

    • Easy to use, just place stencils into slots on filter
    • 21 + shapes! See FAQ for full list
    • Unique night shots
    • Make your own shapes, blank sheet included
    • Carrying pouch included
    • Designed by our pals at DIYPhotography.net
  • FAQ

    Q: What kind of camera do I need?

    A: The Bokeh Kit pretty much works with any film or digital SLR camera. (Meaning, your camera should have a lens that attaches.) See below for lens compatibility details.

    If you have a point-and-shoot camera that has detachable lenses, the kit will work with your camera if your lens has a filter size of up to 62mm or under and can take photos at an aperture of 2.8 or wider.

    Q: What IS bokeh?

    A: Bokeh is the out-of-focus effect that happens when your lens has a shallow depth of field. This means it can only focus a very small range of space in front of your lens. Have you ever seen a photo of a person in sharp focus while everything around them is out of focus? That out-of-focus area is the bokeh effect.

    Q: Will it work with my lens?

    A: The Bokeh Kit is optimized to work with lenses that have a filter size up to 62mm and under. Anything over 62mm won't look so great. (Filter size is the diameter of your lens!)

    You'll get best bokeh results when you have a shallow depth of field, so shoot at a 2.8 aperture or wider.

    Q: Wait, how does this thing work anyway? What goes where?

    A: It's easy peasy. Your kit will arrive in flat plastic sheets with pieces that you pop out. You'll pop the filter piece out and fold it where the instructions indicate.

    The folded filter piece will fit over the front of your lens, and you can secure it there with the rubber band that's included. The filter has a slot where you can insert each bokeh shape. (The bokeh shapes come in the form of small discs.)

    Q: So, what kind of shapes do I get?

    A: The 21 shapes include a plane, a star, a heart, a dolphin, a bird, a paw print, a happy face, a sad face, an envelope, a butterfly, a check symbol, a movie camera, a biohazard symbol, headphones, a football player, a fleur de lis (flowery design), a walking man, a recycling symbol, a mouse cursor, and a manatee. (We think. It might be a beaver.) Plus, you get a full sheet of 8 discs to create your own shapes.

    Q: This seems like I'll probably lose all these pieces. So, what the heck?

    A: Not to fret! A handy carrying pouch is included. (It's a lovely shade of blue, too!)

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