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Gee-Whiz Smartphone Projector

Golly, that smartphone video is big!


Gee-Whiz Smartphone Projector


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  • description

    You love watching videos on your phone at night, but that little screen gets surprisingly heavy and you keep dropping it on your face.

    Pop your phone in the Gee-Whiz Smartphone DIY Projector and you'll be able to watch your vids magnified on your wall and use your hands for more important things like cuddling and eating popcorn.

    You assemble it yourself! Pop together the cardboard pieces and magnifying lens for a simple, nostalgic, and power-free projector. Your phone's images will be magnified 8x bigger on your wall, the ceiling or your boyfriend's cat!

    Watch your beach vacation photos on the wall for a warm memory on a rainy day. Create and show off artsy slide shows at parties. Or, make your own drive-in movie with a makehift screen in your garage.

    It's the smartest piece of vintage inspired cardboard you'll ever have and the most fun you'll have watching movies on your phone.

    Works Great With...
    • Project your phone's screen in vintage style
    • No cords or batteries required
    • Easy to assemble with simple video instructions and a little glue
    • Silicon grip pad holds your phone securely
    • Made of screen printed cardboard with a glass lens
  • FAQ

    Will my phone fit?

    It'll fit any smartphone up to 5.7 long and 3.2 inches wide. So, iPhone 6 yes! iPhone 6 plus, no. :'(

    How hard is assembly?

    It's easy and all you'll need is glue to assemble, everything else is included with the kit. Plus there's a video!

    How dark must the room be?

    The darker the room the better, as is typical with any projector. Turn the brightness up on your phone to the maximum and project onto a clean white wall or screen for best results.

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