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Splat the Bendable Dependable Tripod

Holds your camera right were you need it


Splat Tripod


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Splat Tripod + Shutter Remote

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  • Description

    Overheard in the Photojojo Office: Click, clack, tap. Czkjks, fizz, ahh. Splat, Splat, Splat!

    We can’t stop talking about how dang cool the Splat Tripod is. With three flexible yet super strong bendable legs and extra-grippy bumpy feet, Splat’ll hold your DSLR in any position to help you get that perfect shot.

    Use the standard tripod mount to attach your compact DSLR or GoPro. Throw on a Glif to mount your phone. Splat will happily bend to grip a treebranch, stand perfectly still on any uneven surface, or take a ride on your turtle’s back to film your next slow-mo masterpiece.

    Splat’s stainless steal structure, under soft bendy rubber, holds cameras up to 1.5 pounds. Pair it with a shutter remote to get into that group pic. Or, hold your phone extra steady for long exposures and video shoots.

    It’s a BIG help, in one tiny portable body.

    Enough about Splat. Back to tip typing away and slugging La Croix.

    • Holds your cam anyplace - the perfect place to get your shot
    • Stainless steel and premium silicone give you flexibility and durability
    • Supports up to 1.5 pounds
    • Standard tripod mount works with all standard cameras
    • Pair with Glif to use with any phone

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